Sweet Little Embroidery Hoop Art Pieces

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Here are a couple of my recently finished hoop art projects.  I may just have to keep for myself as I think they would be very sweet in one of my daughter's rooms. 

Masquerade Masks

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello there!  I've been away for quite a while I know.  I have three daughters,who in all honesty, are all consuming! I'm blessed by their presence in my life and it clearly is demanding a shift in what appears on my blog.  I had been attempting to keep my family and blogging separate for the most part, but what I've come to realize is that my creative life is my family - they're one in the same.  I interject creativity any moment I can as often as I can - in the midst of the day to day routine stuff.  So, you will notice a bit of a shift in my blogging, but I hope that I still can offer something of value and interest. 
With that said, here is a snipit of a recent creative endeavor in my household.  My two oldest daughters recently attended a middle school masquerade ball, where they each made their own masks for the soiree.  My mom and I got in on the action with the gold and black mask below.  (The gold one was made from a plaster of my daughter's face.)  It was so much fun!  Even if it lead to a very late night! ;)

Frosty Mornings - Inspiration for Photo 101

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I recently began taking "Nicole's Classes" - Photo 101, an online photo class.  I am surrounded by a world of beauty and wish to learn how to capture it through my camera lens.  It's been great for me so far - for the first time I'm playing around with the manual settings on my camera.  Ah so much to learn!
We've had some gorgeous frosty mornings lately and I find them very inspiring.  Here's a glimpse into one of those frosty mornings.  

Hoop Art - In Progress

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More embroidery hoop art projects.  I wanted to create ones that were simpler and I am playing around with different fabric.  The backing on this one is raw silk. Here's a sneak peak at what will soon be a set of three..

Love the bunting --I got hooked after using bunting on my daughter's birthday cake. It's just so sweet and fun!  Ahh, but now back to stitching, so I can share the completed trio with you very soon!

King Winter Arrives at our Nature Table

Monday, January 7, 2013

King Winter
Even though the frenzy of the holidays have come and gone, we continue celebrating the seasons with a seasonal nature table.  For several years I've meant to make "King Winter" and this winter I finally got around to it (that feels good!).  I used the instructions in The Nature Corner by Leeuwen & Moeskops for guidance.  My process:
  1. I began with a wood and wire bendy doll form
  2. Needle felted around the body to give him some shape and soften him up a bit
  3. Glued on curly wool for his beard, mustache & hair
  4. Drew on eyes & mouth
  5. Sewed robe from blue velour & cloak from white silk (a scrap from my wedding dress)
  6. Attached clothing
  7. Made a scepter from a skewer & aluminum foil
  8. Cut out a crown from glittery card stock
wood and wire bendy doll form

With needle felted wool body and curly woolen beard & hair


Sun! Golden NW Moment

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh how I've missed you sunshine....thank you for such a lovely NW day!

My Little Girlie's Birthday

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Party Plans
My youngest daughter, my baby, just celebrated her 8th birthday the day after Christmas.  It makes for a busy busy time around our house sure!
We shifted gears from the winter holidays to girlie party and I wanted to share a bit of our party prep with you.  I think we (or at least I did) had as much fun with the preparations as the actual party!    Take a peek...
Birthday Crown, Pink & Tulle
The Cake!  with Bunting
I found printable cake bunting at TomKatStudio.  I printed the sheets out in a sweet pastel aqua, tied to bamboo skewers and added some fabric ribbons and little butterflies.  Ahh - nice change from piping the decorations in frosting! 
Party Favors aka Scavenger Hunt Treasure
I tend to shy away from candy and plasticy favors, this year Sophie (my birthday girl) had this great idea for paper dolls as party favors.  I'm totally hooked on all the fantastic free printables online!  I discovered both paper dollsgnome bowling that I printed out (added a wooden ball for the "bowling ball") - so easy & cute!
Every year we always like to include an item that we make by hand for our guests and given my affinity for wool, they invariably include this wonderful fiber.  We made these bookmarks by sandwiching a printed piece of fabric between 2 pieces of wool felt with cutouts, added some embroidery floss, stitched 'em up and trimmed with pinking shears - voila!
To finish the favors off we printed off the initials for each child attending and created a label tied on with ribbon. My daughter was thrilled and could hardly wait to share!

Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

I hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season and wish you all the best in 2013!  I have taken a bit of a break from screen time to spend time with family over the holidays, but just wanted to pop back in to send some New Year's cheer your way! 


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