Frosty Mornings - Inspiration for Photo 101

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I recently began taking "Nicole's Classes" - Photo 101, an online photo class.  I am surrounded by a world of beauty and wish to learn how to capture it through my camera lens.  It's been great for me so far - for the first time I'm playing around with the manual settings on my camera.  Ah so much to learn!
We've had some gorgeous frosty mornings lately and I find them very inspiring.  Here's a glimpse into one of those frosty mornings.  


  1. Your photos are beautiful Heidi. Do you recommend this online course? It's snowing in London - so lots of frosty pictures to capture. xx

  2. Hi Geraldine!
    Thank you!
    Yes, I would recommend this course (I was fortunate to sign up when there was a special on the cost). It's convenient because it's online, it has gotten me to shoot in manual mode and learn things that I truly don't think that I would have on my own. I like how you upload your photos and receive feedback from the instructors. I initially went with it because Nicole from "Making it Lovely" recommended it.



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