King Winter Arrives at our Nature Table

Monday, January 7, 2013

King Winter
Even though the frenzy of the holidays have come and gone, we continue celebrating the seasons with a seasonal nature table.  For several years I've meant to make "King Winter" and this winter I finally got around to it (that feels good!).  I used the instructions in The Nature Corner by Leeuwen & Moeskops for guidance.  My process:
  1. I began with a wood and wire bendy doll form
  2. Needle felted around the body to give him some shape and soften him up a bit
  3. Glued on curly wool for his beard, mustache & hair
  4. Drew on eyes & mouth
  5. Sewed robe from blue velour & cloak from white silk (a scrap from my wedding dress)
  6. Attached clothing
  7. Made a scepter from a skewer & aluminum foil
  8. Cut out a crown from glittery card stock
wood and wire bendy doll form

With needle felted wool body and curly woolen beard & hair



  1. What a wonderful King winter you have made. You are so lucky to be still celebrating. Have a lovely weekend ahead xx

  2. Thank you! My youngest keeps me on top of these things. And she's eagerly waiting to add Miss Thaw to the tableau! ;)
    You have a great week-end too! xo



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