burgundy infinity scarf wrap shawl

Take our VL Infinity Scarf on any Friday.

As you transition from workout to workday to weekend warrior, this interactive accessory finesses every possibility. Easy versatility makes it our most popular item, from daytime comfort to evening cover. And it’s ever so giftable.  

Black Kimono Cardigan

Our VL Kimono Jacket is a lifestyle chameleon.

It’s elegant lines are classically styled, pragmatic and luxurious. Weather those crisp morning walks or tuck into a late dinner date. Wrap yourself in confidence, assured you’re poised for every occasion.

Stone Gray Headband Multi Use

VL Bands are your fabric multi-tool.

Designed to punch well above their weight class, utilize them as hair wraps, headbands, face masks and even sweatbands. Once you try them, you'll wonder how you ever left home without one tucked into your pack or bag.