Get Up, Stand Up

Subject: International Women’s Day 2019
Artists: Alexandra Velasco and Sofia Enriquez

Item: Limited Edition VL Headbands
Designs: 2 (one per artist) 

VL Headband Packs - 3 color combo promo!
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VL Headband Packs - 3 color combo promo!
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VL Headband
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VL Headband
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No clothing item is more emblematic of revolution than the headband.

Make a statement this International Women’s Day with our Get Up, Stand Up Headbands. Rock the look, support the rights.

*A portion of sales from these pieces will be donated to the NWLC.

Sofia Enriquez Velvet Lamb Collab


In solidarity with women of all styles, personalities and walks of life, we want to promote the yearly celebration of International Women’s Day - a focal point in the movement for women's rights.

We are collaborating with artists Alexandra Velasco and Sofia Enriquez to raise awareness of 2019's celebration, what it means to them, as well as raise funds for the NWLC, an organization that for more than 40 years has worked to protect and promote equality and opportunity for women and families. Both Alexandra and Sofia have created original designs that empower and inspire you to GET UP, STAND UP for your rights!

Alexandra and Sofia’s artwork represent their unique perspective, as Mexican American women exploring self identity thru art. It celebrates diversity and equality while challenging social norms and body image.



Alexandra Velasco


Multimedia artist, performer and filmmaker born in Mexico City, presently residing in Los Angeles.

Alexandra’s work centers around the political and performative body, she explores the formation and role of individual identities and how these interact with different environments.

Her interest in dualities, in seeing the light in the dark, and viceversa, has moved her to explore the outlined idea of gender and oneness. Her voice, mind and body serve to tell non-linear stories, create time-warped moments and challenge the point of our collective existence.

Follow her work —> @dreams_incarnate

sofia enriquez


Artist and designer based in the Coachella Valley, CA.

Sofia's practice consists of large scale murals, up-cycled painted vintage clothing and fine art works.

Her work references her Mexican-American culture and her intercultural identity.  She paints portraits of androgynous, but timeless, faces as a means of creating self-awareness and to encourage observers to explore being present in their surroundings.

Inspired by traditional Roman Catholic portraiture, American pop art, and vintage Mexican folk art, she incorporate Spanish, English and Spanglish terms, as a reflection of both her own heterogeneous identity and that of the wider Mexican American community.

Follow her work —> @sofiaenriquez