About Us

Our Origin Story: We Created Clothes We Could Create In. Then the World Took Notice.

Velvet Lamb was born in L.A. out of our own need to feel comfortable living our most authentic lives as creators and artists.

It all started with the convertible shirt. We wanted a piece of clothing that allowed us to move freely and easily throughout our busy days- while looking great doing so.

When we couldn’t find it, we created it (because that’s what we do!).

We wore and adapted the shirt everywhere- to work, at play, and at home. Then friends, colleagues, and even strangers on the street started to notice. We discovered that when people put on our clothing, it inspired them to move & create. So we decided to start creating for others too-  for all.

Who is our clothing for?

For creative & active free spirits, artists and dreamers from all walks of life.

It’s for those who don’t follow trends but create them, for those who strive to move through the world with poise, confidence, and comfort.

Our mission is to inspire creativity through comfort, both outside and at home.

Inspiring Confidence

Comfort in Your Second Skin

We make our pieces with butter. Well, not really, but they're super soft.

Our specialized cuts are designed to inspire movement and our high-quality, L.A. sourced fabrics guarantee you’ll be comfortable every time you slip on one of our pieces, and everywhere you go.

Wearable Art With Meaning

VL Canvas

Our commitment to supporting creatives in everything we do inspired us to start VL Canvas - our platform for collaborating with independent artists to create original, meaningful prints for our pieces.

Each handpicked artist we collaborate with creates art exclusive to Velvet Lamb around issues we mutually care about and support.

A portion of sales revenue goes to support organizations connected to these issues.

How We Do It

Farm to Table but Make it (Slow) Fashion

Our clothes don’t just feel good on your skin- they feel good for your soul.

Our pieces are responsibly sourced and sustainably made in small batches in Los Angeles, using ethical production practices and a short supply chain. We’re committed to quality in process and product.

We’re consciously small in every way.

This means we have a shorter story to tell- our clothes don’t go on epic journeys around the world. They bring no baggage to the table, and their stories start with you.

 - SMALL BATCH production runs & inventory.

- SMALLER CUTS: we get creative with our designs to support our zero-waste rule with fabric cuts

- SHORT SUPPLY CHAIN: our fabrics are sourced locally in L.A.

- SMALLER FACTORIES just down the road in downtown L.A

- SMALLER PACKAGING IMPACT: we’ve eliminated wasteful packaging entirely and ship our products in minimalistic, sustainable packaging.

We go beyond transparency.

Our consciously small ethos also keeps our product quality high and our prices affordable. Saving money doesn’t have to be at odds with doing the right thing. Velvet Lamb is where happy pockets and peaceful minds can coexist.