Man wearing Fishes Headband/Face Mask with a confident smile

Contemporary casual wear designed for comfort, that inspires creativity and generates awareness.

Our unisex collection of versatile designs are meant to be worn in multiple ways, inviting you to get creative and playful with your style.

Slip it on and convert it to your look as you go about your day or on to the next adventure.


Woman laying comfortably on a couch wearing a convertible long titanium blue shirt  

We make out pieces with butter. Well, not really, but they're super soft.

Made with high-quality fabrics sourced locally in Los Angeles, our specialized designs will guarantee comfort every time you wear them, anywhere you go.

Clothing that inspires confidence you’ll always look your best and be ready for what’s next.


Man in nature wearing infinity scarf as a hoodie and a convertible short olive green shirt 

 At Velvet Lamb, we're not big on following trends. We believe the clothing we wear should provide the freedom to express ourselves our way.

Our clothing is designed to fit in to your lifestyle as you need it. The multiple styling options make it perfect for outdoor adventures, workouts, hang outs, out on the town, traveling and exploring or in the comfort of your home. 

Whether you want to be active or take it easy, Velvet Lamb is ready to dress you up or down at a moment’s notice.


Person holding our super soft fabric over their hands.

Happy pockets, peaceful minds. 

Sustainably and responsibly made in Los Angeles in small batches, using ethical production practices and a short supply chain. 

This keeps our products high-quality at affordable prices.


As we’re well aware, the fashion industry has a big impact on the environment.
Clothing allows us to express ourselves, but also showcases the brands that make them and the values they represent.
From the start, we made a commitment to minimize our impact consciously:
  1. Carbon Footprint: We created a short supply chain for our production and eliminated wasteful packaging.
  2. Creative Waste: Our cuts apply a zero-waste rule to minimize waste and get creative with our designs.
  3. Ethical Production: We manufacture in small batches to ensure quality, ethical work conditions and reduce unnecessary inventory.
By being conscious of how Velvet Lamb impacts the environment, we strive to produce our pieces in more sustainable ways, ensuring quality in the process and product.


Hear us out:
  1. Money Where Your Mind Is: You are now aware of how we take action to minimize our impact on the environment. This makes you conscious of who you’re supporting when you make a purchase and the steps they decided to take to aim for sustainability.
  2. Wear It Like You Mean It: Most of our pieces are designed to be worn in multiple ways for different occasions. These styling options generate an awareness of how you present yourself to the world and the environment you are entering.
How we invest our resources, present ourselves to the world and relate to the environments around us, are ways of how we can live life consciously. And we firmly believe that being conscious is a key component to living your best life. Anyone woke yet?